Nanny Theme Week: Oceans

Nanny Theme Week: Oceans

Here at Kindred, we LOVE theme weeks! They’re a great way to engage kids and it makes it simple to teach them through play and other fun activities. We have a Pinterest board dedicated to fun craft, sensory, and snack ideas. Pinterest has become an awesome way to find exciting new things to do with kids and we couldn’t love it more.

We also love being able to incorporate books, outings, and movies into our themes. You should have no problem finding these books (and maybe movies) at your local library but we’ll include our Amazon Associate link as well in case you’d like to purchase. Using these links doesn’t cost you any extra but we do get a small referral fee if you buy!


There are so many awesome options for ocean-themed books. We’re including some you probably already know as well as some you may have never heard of!

Rainbow Fish:
This is one of those children stories that almost everyone has heard of. If you’ve never read it before, you’re in for as big a treat as the kids are! This book is great because it teaches the importance of sharing and has a great moral!

The Snail and The Whale:
We love that this book focuses so much on the power of friendship! It’s a little newer (2006) but you won’t be disappointed!

A Fish Out Of Water:
This book isn’t specifically ocean-themed but it’s perfect for emergent readers! It incorporates plenty of sight words and would be a great read with either an older or a younger child.

Fish Eyes: A Book You Can Count On:
This book helps you build counting and addition skills in a fun way while still incorporating the week’s theme.



Disneynature: Oceans:
Of course there are options like Finding Nemo but we love the Disneynature films and their realistic views of nature!

We LOVE The Newport Aquarium here at Kindred. Their conservation efforts are really impressive and they present the animals to children in really exciting ways. This trip is a little longer (about an hour and a half for nannies and families in both Louisville and Lexington) but we think it’s completely worth the drive.