Is A Nanny Share Right For Your Family?

Is A Nanny Share Right For Your Family?

A nanny share may be a foreign concept to many families, but it could be a perfect childcare solution. While this isn’t a good fit for everyone, it’s becoming the go-to option for more and more families. Below, we’ll lay out the benefits and some potential drawbacks of entering a nanny share. If you have any specific questions or are interested in nanny shares, you can always email us at!


Typically, in a nanny share, each family pays between 66% and 75% of a nanny’s normal rate during the hours both families are receiving care. This benefits both of the families as well as the nanny. While this may not seem like a huge savings, over the course of a yearlong contract, it can really add up! As a Kindred Family, you’ll also be automatically enrolled in our Kindred Card program which leads to even more savings for your family!

Do you worry about your child building their social skills but aren’t comfortable with enrolling them in a daycare center? Nanny shares solve this problem pretty easily. By partnering with a family who has children similar in age to your children, they have a built in playmate while still receiving the benefits of in-home childcare. Less kids also equals less illness being passed around which is definitely a positive as we approach cold and flu season!

Focused Care:
By having just a few children, the nanny is able to offer the same level of care she would provide to a single family. Your child will receive focused one-on-one attention from a childcare provider who understands their unique personality and can work with you to focus on skill-building in various areas. Daycare ratios in Kentucky are 5:1 for infants, 6:1 for toddlers, and even higher for school-aged children. No matter how great a center or how great a teacher, it’s impossible to get the same level of personalized care in a traditional daycare center.

The Comforts of Home:
Even if your children are in the other share family’s home for the day, they still have the comforts of home available to them. This makes things like teething and not feeling so well a little bit easier. Many families work out a schedule with their nanny to determine which days will be spent at each house.

Potential Drawbacks:

The more people you add to a given situation, the more important it becomes to have good lines of communication.  When entering into a nanny share, Kindred will help both families and the nanny create a solid foundation for communication and expectations of each party.  We are also available for coaching during the entire process and after placement to help address any given situation.

While your kids will be exposed to less than in a daycare center or school, additional children does mean there are more germs floating around. However, depending on your particular arrangement, Kindred offers backup care for children who are mildly ill.

While the majority of the time, you will be paying a discounted rate (and your nanny will be receiving a higher pay), there will be times when the other family is out of town that you won’t be receiving that discounted rate (and your nanny will be making less). We can help you negotiate these types of details into your contract and help with planning the upcoming year.

All in all, there are pros and cons to every situation. A nanny share is no different, but we stand by the fact that this an awesome way to make nanny care accessible to more families. If you’re interested in this type of arrangement but aren’t sure how to go about it, we would love to chat with you and help your family find a GREAT caregiver!


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